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If you are on the hunt for parts for your Hyundai i30, your search will end at the parts store at Seoul Auto (Korean Car Parts). We stock anything your i30 car requires to keep running in top form. We have NEW/OEM parts to guarantee compatibility with your Hyundai i30 vehicle. No matter if you’re doing a bit of maintenance on a newer model or restoring a classic, we’ve precisely what you’ll need. If you are uncertain of what your vehicle needs, give us a call or come see us and we’ll help you choose. Or, fill out the quick form on contact us page and order the parts you need.

Why Order Parts Through Seoul Auto?

  • Maintaining your vehicle properly can mean replacing parts periodically. At our Hyundai car parts dealership, we provide a convenient parts department set up to help drivers looking to maintain their cars themselves.
  • We provide a wealth of components already in stock at our dealership including official manufacturer parts. No matter if you’re looking for a car accessory or an important part for your vehicle’s function, we can provide.
  • Ordering through us is easy, simply visit our website and fill out our parts request form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with information on if we have the parts or not. If we don’t have the components in stock, we’ll order them for you and notify you when they arrive.

Hyundai i30 Auto Parts Melbourne

Seoul Auto offers Genuine Hyundai i30 Auto Parts and Accessories directly from the manufacturer. At Seoul Auto you can get OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Hyundai Parts for Any Hyundai Model, from Any Year. Because we sell Hyundai on-site at our Melbourne store, chances are our Parts Department has what you’re looking for in stock.

Choose from i30 auto parts such as head lights, tail lights, fog lights & side panel indicators & corner lights, window regulators, mirrors, door handles, engine mounts and more…

  • i30 N Series II
  • i30 Series II Wagon
  • i30 Gde Crdi
  • i30 Gd 1.8 Elite A6
  • i30 N Pd I30 N 2.0T
  • i30 SR 1.6 Turbo
  • i30 1.0T Elite
  • i30 5DR ELITE LTD
  • i30 PDE 1.5 Wagon

Why Use Genuine Hyundai Auto Parts and Accessories Rather Than Cheap Aftermarket Parts?

Using Genuine Hyundai Parts and Accessories, which meet or exceed Hyundai’s performance standards, will never adversely affect your vehicle’s warranty or re-sale value, and will help you avoid excessive wear-and-use expenses if you’re leasing your Hyundai vehicle because they provide ideal fit, functionality, style and performance. Plus, Factory Certified Hyundai Parts and Accessories are all backed by warranty. check out our Korean car parts clearance page.

Find Your Hyundai Part Today!

At Seoul Auto, we strive to support all Victoria communities  from Mlebourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and all the way to Mildura with the genuine, high-quality parts required to help your Hyundai automobile soar along your route without a hitch.

So, if you’re looking to learn more about how our products professionals can assist you, it’s time to pay us a visit and browse through our parts inventory. To do exactly that, get in touch with our Hyundai car parts team on 0460 848 939. We look forward to working with you!

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